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We worked with Mauro Builders on an extensive home addition and renovation project and we could not be happier with our collaboration and the end result! Shawn, Michelle, and their entire team were brilliant to work with; they run a phenomenally high quality operation and every facet is managed in an extremely timely and well executed manner. Shawn and his team of contractors are such a wealth of knowledge and experience as well; they were able to tackle every aspect of our project superbly, balancing the fine line of what was absolutely essential for the long term sustainability of what we were constructing, whilst being mindful of and staying as much as possible within our budget constraints. They are the most respectful and considerate team of professionals we have ever had the pleasure of working with too - considering we were living in our house while the work was being done,


Shawn and his guys really went above and beyond to ensure that we were comfortable and not inconvenienced in the least. We were done with our entire substantial process of construction within a mere 3 months; work was undertaken every single day without any breaks and with the utmost precision, quality, and care. It is all a testament to the tenacity and work ethic that Mauro Builders is renowned for and in the tricky world of construction, they are undoubtedly a rarity! We would gladly offer up our highest recommendation for them!


Ali & Rabab

Fairfield, CT

We planned and built a new home with Mauro Builders and, with no prior experience of building or even remodeling, we had an excellent experience. We contacted Shawn originally based on several enthusiastic recommendations from homeowners in the neighborhood, and our neighbors were correct about his professionalism and skills. Mauro Builders is very organized, sets realistic timelines, and is frank and open about the process. We formed a real trust with Shawn and Michelle. Shawn made suggestions during the planning stage that, looking back, really added to the value of the house and the ease of living there. Whenever we had a problem, my husband would say "Ask Shawn, they're problem solvers" and they are! We were able to make changes mid-build and even that went smoothly. Many on the project team have worked together for years, and it shows. His team is great to work with.


I was most impressed with Shawn's (and his team's) skill as a carpenter. The built ins, the wainscoting and the attention to little details like the locations where molding meets show Mauro Builders' commitment to excellence and our house is Exhibit A! After we moved in, Shawn was still available, and followed up on the final touches. The house is so comfortable to live in and is energy efficient. An absolutely outstanding job. We LOVE the home he built; it is beautiful, original, and a joy to live in. I recommend Mauro Builders unconditionally.       

Kazuo & Elizabeth

Fairfield, CT

This was our first build project. We used Mauro Builders for a tear down of the previous house and a new build. They provided generous allowances for kitchen etc...Move in was ahead of schedule - under 12 months from site acquisition (June) demo (Aug) foundation (Oct) and move in (Apr). The only budget adjustments were based on change requests on our side. Rarely do building projects come in ahead of schedule and on budget. This was a good experience for us. 


Alasdair & Gina

Fairfield, CT

"Mauro Builders provide exceptional workmanship and are great guys to work with. "

"Shawn does great work and is a pleasure to work with!"

"We have done work with Shawn for many years. He does nice work very dependable and is honest with customers and very helpful."

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