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About Shawn Mauro

In my 5th grade class, my teacher asked us to write a letter to our future selves, asking where we would be in 20 years. Years later, my 5th grade friend retrieved the time capsule for me, I discovered that I was exactly where I wanted to be: "building houses and creating a big brown home for my family."

Building homes has always been my passion. It's what gets me excited to start my day and drives me to be the best version of myself. Through this passion, I aim to inspire others to love their homes as much as I do, sharing the joy and fulfillment that building has brought into my life.

My Passion

Since I wrote that letter to my future self in my fifth grade class, I have always aspired to build homes. My biggest dream was to build a home for my family, and I finally achieved that dream in 2022. However, building my home was more of a privilege than I ever imagined it would be.

From the moment we began our build, my son and I shared a bonding experience by starting the excavation together. During the framing process, my two daughters brought coffee and bagels to keep us warm during the colder months. As the project progressed, close friends from the industry helped make our dreams come true by contributing their expertise in electrical work, plumbing, and sheetrocking.

Now, as my family and I walk around the once vacant lot that we now call home, every corner holds a memory that will last a lifetime. The beams in our house were locally sourced by a long-time friend, the stone for the fireplace was found on our property, the front door was crafted by my wife's cabinetry team, and the fireplace mantle was hand-picked by another dear friend.

These memories are incredibly special to my family and me, and they make us eternally grateful for everyone who was a part of the project. At Mauro Builders, we want you and your loved ones to have similar cherished memories when involved in a build with us. We don't want your home to be just a place you bought but a place you helped create every step of the way.

Our Home!

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